Appalachian Trail, Featured, Hiking, News

New Permit Requirements on AT in Shenandoah

Starting this month, you will now be required to buy a permit at Recreation.gov in order to...

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Appalachian Trail, Featured, News

Elul’s End

A Synagogue President Reflects on the Appalachian Trail The sun finally set on The Horns Pond in...

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Appalachian Trail, Featured, News

Thoughts on “2,000 Miles Together”

In 2018, the Crawford Family, consisting of two parents and six children, hit my “Appalachian...

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Appalachian Trail, Hiking, Wilderness Parsha

A Parsha Insight, and COVID-19 Hiking

Many a drash on the Torah this weekend will deal with the little alef in “Vayikra.”...

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