The Kosher Backpacker Appalachian Trail Guide App includes all of the things you need for your thru, section, or weekend hike of the Appalachian Trail.  It is available for both Apple and Android devices on either the App Store or Google Play.


Trail guide features:

  • Maps (live and NPS)
  • Waypoints
  • Distance between shelters
  • Trail alert push notifications
  • Elevation profiles
  • North bound / south bound settings
  • Post office locations
  • User contributions on water sources, features, Trail Magic
  • Database of shelters, huts, hostels, towns, landmarks, and features

iOS Version displaying “Live Maps” feature

But there’s more, since this app is designed to sustain the Torah-observant hiker:

  • Zmanim to help you track Shabbat and holiday times
  • Trail-friendly synagogue listings
  • Torah portion listings (with option for triennial cycle readings)
  • User-selectable Ashkenazi/Sephardi transliterations
  • Pre-Shabbat / Yom Tov reminders

Android version featuring “Live Maps” feature.