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A Parsha Insight, and COVID-19 Hiking

Many a drash on the Torah this weekend will deal with the little alef in “Vayikra.” We’ll hear the Ba’al HaTurim’s take on it, which tackles Moshe...

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2020 Allergy Season: What Backpackers Should Know

Not to advance stereotypes about Jewish health neurosis, but bubbie wants you to take care of yourself out there, you know? According to AccuWeather we’re on track for a pretty...

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Event: Northville-Placid Trail Thru Hike

June 17-25, 2020 Kosher Backpacker’s Brian Kresge is leading a shomer mitzvot thru hike in the Adirondacks, with a zero day for Shabbos. Participants must be fit and capable as...

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A Daf Yomi Wilderness Experience

In 2005, I was at the Jacob Javits Center to mark the end of my experience with daf yomi at the 11th Siyum HaShas. It was one hell of an …...

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Cold Weather Backpacking

And with snow accumulating to around an inch, it was suddenly winter in Maine. I watched with envy this year as people concluded their Appalachian Trail thru-hikes, some as early …...

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Sukkot 5780

An Excellent Holiday Entrypoint for Wilderness Backpacking, and to Learn about the Holiday You shall dwell in booths seven days; all citizens of Israel shall dwell in booths; so that...

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Accessible Wilderness

I follow an Appalachian Trail group on Facebook, and a few days ago, there was a post from a wheelchair-bound young man who was angrily saying that he was going …...

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Backpacking with Children

I was reading a piece by Rabbi Jonathan Sacks about priorities as related to Parsha Matot-Masei, where he cites Rashi’s commentary on Numbers 32:16. Moshe reorders the priorities in...

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Water Crossings

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article was started well before the tragic drowning and ensuing images of the father and daughter who perished crossing the Rio Grande. We will translate this...

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Tasty Bite: Kosher, Vegetarian, Trail Perfect Brand

I couldn’t have done the John Muir Trail without Tasty Bite. I’ve done long hikes with nothing but Tradition Soup, canned salmon, and tuna packets, and that’s no way to...

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