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Memorial Day Weekend in Gulf Hagas

In a year's time, Memorial Day will come around. New names will be on our lists that we read. The war rages on, little changes. And that's how life is between Memorial Days, even...

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Lag B’Omer: The Perfect Wilderness Holiday

Let’s face it, most of the fun parts of the Lag B’Omer holiday are rooted in the aggagic stories concerning the origin of Kabbalah. If, like me, Kabbalah plays little …...

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The Israel National Trail

In honor of Yom Ha’Atzma’ut this week, The Kosher Backpacker is proud to present an overview guide and listing of resources to the Israel National Trail, or שביל...

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Our Guide to a Wilderness Passover

We cover some of this in our book, The Kosher Backpacker, but as Pesach starts Friday night, there may be Jewish thru-hikers out there, or people availing themselves of spring …...

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Antisemitism on the Trail

WARNING: Some unsettling content ahead. Just as an FYI, there’s no context that makes what happens in this video “okay.”  The mayor of Damascus, in the wake of the...

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Burnt Offerings

The LORD spoke to Moses, saying: Command Aaron and his sons thus: This is the ritual of the burnt offering: The burnt offering itself shall remain where it is burned …...

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Our (Basic) Guide to Hammock Backpacking

After my go-to camping mattress deflated on a cold, winter night in a shelter in the Adirondacks, I was ready for a change. It was a long circuit around and …...

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Destination: Siem Reap

Under 4 miles from the town of Siem Reap in Cambodia is one of the coolest UNESCO World Heritage sites in the world, Angkor Wat. Originally constructed as a temple …...

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2019 Thru Hiker Profile: Hugs and Fecteau

The 2019 Appalachian Trail thru-hiking season has begun, and at The Kosher Backpacker, we want to profile long distance hikers of interest. There’s nothing more near and dear to my...

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