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Thoughts on “2,000 Miles Together”

In 2018, the Crawford Family, consisting of two parents and six children, hit my “Appalachian Trail / lives in Maine” radar, over a debate as to whether they should be …...

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Old, Reliable Gear – Bal Taschit

One of my biggest gripes about backpacking is the overstated focus on gear. When I completed my first thru-hike, I did it with “crap gear,” some of it replaced during …...

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Trail Recipe Series: Sephardic Trail Recipes

In this piece, we share a couple of Sephardic recipes conducive to backcountry cooking. Common ingredients include chickpeas, ground lamb or beef, dried and fresh fruits, stuffed...

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2020 Allergy Season: What Backpackers Should Know

Not to advance stereotypes about Jewish health neurosis, but bubbie wants you to take care of yourself out there, you know? According to AccuWeather we’re on track for a pretty...

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Event: Northville-Placid Trail Thru Hike

June 17-25, 2020 Kosher Backpacker’s Brian Kresge is leading a shomer mitzvot thru hike in the Adirondacks, with a zero day for Shabbos. Participants must be fit and capable as...

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L’Shana Tovah: 5779 In Review, 5780 Preview

5779 saw the publication of our book, The Kosher Backpacker, the launch of our Appalachian Trail app, and this website. It was a big year of developing specifically Jewish content …...

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Water Crossings

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article was started well before the tragic drowning and ensuing images of the father and daughter who perished crossing the Rio Grande. We will translate this...

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A Green Shavuot Call to Action

Shavuot, as we mentioned in a previous post, celebrates the end of the counting of the Omer period (which coincided with the grain harvest in antiquity), and marks the Jewish …...

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Memorial Day Weekend in Gulf Hagas

In a year's time, Memorial Day will come around. New names will be on our lists that we read. The war rages on, little changes. And that's how life is between Memorial Days, even...

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