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Daughters of Tzelafchad: Women’s Voice in the Wilderness

This week’s parsha is Pinchas, Numbers 25:10 – 30:1 There is a candidate for a state house race here in Maine, she’s what I’d call a “super...

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The Kosher Backpacker, The Wandering Jew

This is a modified version of the foreword that appears in my book, The Kosher Backpacker, as an introduction to this site. – Brian Kresge, aka “Strings Attached” I saw...

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On Tranquil Waters: Debsconeag Lakes

After a test of my RAV4’s tires and suspension coming down a 4.5 mile stretch of rocks and pits, Amelia and I stood on the perhaps manufactured beach along the Debsconeag Deadwater at...

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