Brian Kresge is a writer, programmer, soldier, and outdoorsman.  He is the author of The Kosher Backpacker, a guide to observant Jewish wilderness travel, and creator of The Kosher Backpacker Appalachian Trail Guide app for Android and iOS.  He’s a 20+ year veteran of the Army (as a paratrooper) and National Guard.  He was Director of Jewish Outreach for the 2016 Gary Johnson Presidential campaign, a military designated religious group leader endorsed by the Aleph Institute for 12 years, a member of the Jewish War Veterans, and a board/executive board member of two synagogues and several non-profits.    He has a BA in English and an MBA.
Brian resides in Winterport, Maine, with his wife, Leah, and their two daughters, Amelia and Nezzie.  He and his wife also maintain the blog Downeast Kvetch: Finding Yiddishkeit in the North Woods.